1st Grade

Dear Parents,

This week, we are implementing a distance learning plan for our students. That means that students will be expected to continue learning during their time at home. I will be sending home a work packet with students today for the remainder of this week. (Next week is Spring Break.) It is broken down with day to day learning activities and expectations.

Students should:

1. Follow the plan for each day, and cross out boxes as they finish.

2. NOT work ahead in their books, but stay on track.

3. Try their best. If they have questions, they can ask. I tried to keep things at a level that they can complete mostly independently, but they may need help with directions, someone to listen to them read, etc.

4. Have a space where they can keep all of their school things so that they don’t get lost, mixed up with siblings’ things, etc. (The white bag will help with this!)

I will be available each school day, during normal class hours. Please reach out to me via phone (320-963-3417, ext. 231) or email (pmarquette@churchofsttimothy.org) at any time with questions, concerns, etc. I will also be checking in with you/your students during this time.

I will also be using Seesaw for 1st Grade.  There is more information about this in your new packet.

As a faculty, we will be figuring out a plan to go forward with if at-home learning continues beyond Spring Break. Please let me know whether or not your child would have access to a computer to use during this time, if needed. Also, what is the best way for me to reach out to check in with your family? Please reply with the email or phone number you would like me to use.

Your children are very important to me and I will do my best to continue to help them during this time. Let’s keep each other in prayer and hope that we can return to school in a couple of weeks!

Thank you for all you do,

Mrs. Marquette

Peggy Marquette
First Grade Teacher
St. Timothy’s School