2nd Grade

As of this writing I am assuming school will not be back in session on March 30th. After
the many speed bumps this week I have outlined my plan going forward.
I will continue to use folders for your child. On Monday the previous week’s folder can
be exchanged at school for the new week’s work. All completed work should be kept in
the folder so I can review it.
In the folder I will have the Daily Plan sheet with the day’s work paperclipped to the
plan. I no longer ask that you submit a picture of the completed plan by email or Dojo,
but your child can take a photo and submit it on Seesaw.
I will discontinue Class Dojo use in favor of the Seesaw Class app. Be sure you have
installed Seesaw Class (not Seesaw Family) on a device. It is preferable to have
Seesaw on a touchscreen device because it allows better connectivity for your child.
Seesaw Family allows parents to see the child’s work, but is not for the child to do work
for me.
When using Seesaw you must log out one child and have the other child log in. I will
have a list in the next folder with QR codes and other usernames or passcodes so your
child will have easier access to sites.
I will have one task to complete on Seesaw each day, found under Activities. Allow your
child to play with the site so they will become more skilled at independent use. They can
send me questions about work to complete and submit photos of the Daily Plan.
Ms. Shotts will also add activities on our class site for your child.
I have added the class to Freckle.com for skills practice if you wish to have some online
time for your child. I am not requesting them to use Prodigy, but Mrs. B may ask them to
use it for Technology.
I will also have students continue to access PebbleGo for research purposes.
Students will have access to Scholastic to watch videos or play games to accompany
the Weekly Readers. I may suggest a youtube video if it pertains to a lesson, for
example a Schoolhouse Rock video. We use Epic in the classroom on occasion and I
will have that on the code list, but it is not an expectation. I would prefer they read to or
with a live person to allow for more learning.
There are endless learning sites, to the point of being overwhelming. I advocate for
more hands-on, off screen learning.
You may still email me any questions, including over Spring Break. Your child may
connect with me on Seesaw. We are working out an exchange plan for the grades that
will be using Folders and Packets to continue student learning.
Should you need an ipad it can be arranged with Mrs. Shelby.
Thank you for your patience during this time. I know it is a challenge to figure this out on
your end, too. I hope you are able to enjoy watching your child learn. Second graders
have such a love of learning and life; I am missing this class already!
God be with you,
Mrs. Triplett
2nd Grade Teacher
St. Timothy’s School

Here are a few other links that we use in class.

  • Please have your child explore Freckle.com, which they used with Mrs. Marquette last year.
    • Class Code to use to log in is WWD94H