3rd Grade

Hello 3rd grade families,

3rd grade will be participating in distance learning.

Each 3rd grader was given a white homework binder. This will be your child’s homework binder for the next several days. Inside you will find the following resources: a detailed list of their homework, reading quizzes, science literature, science graphic organizers, handwriting paper, and lined notebook paper. Students are also bringing home the novel Because of Winn-Dixie, as well as other school textbooks. It is very important that these books are taken care of and not damaged.

The first few pages in the homework binder list your child’s homework. Please check off each assignment as they are completed and sign and date the bottom when all assignments for the day are done. Any assignments with an (*) before it must be turned into school or scanned and emailed to me by Friday-Monday of that week. Upon return of their homework, next week’s assignment and any worksheets/quizzes/etc. will be given to you, or emailed to you at that time.

In third grade we have ClassDojo as an amazing resource during this distance learning period. Your child can complete assignments and submit them to me in multiple ways through ClassDojo. It can also be used for me to connect with students.

How to access ClassDojo:

1. Open ClassDojo app OR website: dojo.me

2.Scan the QR code that I emailed you to join our class.

When using ClassDojo as a student, it will ask for the QR code that I sent to your email. Simply pull up the image and use a secondary device to capture a picture of the QR code.

If this option isn’t working for you or your device does not have the ability to take a photo, let me know because there is a text code option that I can send you.

If you have any questions or need clarification on any of your child’s homework, email is the best way you can reach me. I also may be utilizing class dojo, so please check that.

May God bless you!

Mrs. Kolles

3rd Grade Teacher

St. Timothy’s School

March 30, 2020

Here are the necessary links and videos for this week’s homework. I have also shared these on ClassDojo

3/30 Monday:

Religion: https://isr.loyolapress.com/col_g3_s12

Math: https://youtu.be/XKya1_EwT9M

4/1 Wednesday:

Reading: https://youtu.be/O8zD4vR8fxE

4/3 Friday:

Math: https://youtu.be/dQjlsN7sl1g