4th Grade

March 26, 2020

Good Evening Parents and my Dear 4th Graders,

I pray this finds each of you well, and trying to enjoy some time this crazy spring break. You have heard from our a Principal Mrs. Shelby and Governor Walz that we will not be returning to school until the beginning of May. I will be putting lessons on Google classroom for my students beginning Monday. Many of these lessons may utilize the internet, some will use their social studies book which they have at home, some a bible, some their books to read, some experiments/activities using things around your home, and their math book. I need you to please come to school either tomorrow afternoon or Friday sometime to pick up their math book.
Most assignments they should just turn in using Google classroom, if you could take a picture of math to turn in each day, that would be great. I appreciate all your help in these next couple of weeks. Should you or your child have questions, I will be at my computer from 9-2 daily.
You each are in my prayers. May God Bless you. Please let your child know how much I miss seeing them each day.😃
Mrs. Wirkus

March 16, 2020

Greetings Parents,

As we head into these uncharted waters, we look to God’s guidance for each day ahead.  I am also looking for each of you to be partners with me in your child’s education.  I will be reaching out to your child on Google Classroom, but I will be also emailing you to touch base with how your child is doing.

To get us started, I am sending home a calendar with your child for things to do for the rest of this week. For reading I have included several websites that the students know (some are new, but I have included how to log in and passwords).  All of these will send me reports on how your child is doing on each reading I assign (I can even assign science readings from one of these).  One of these sites also allows me to assign language and math skills (should we be out longer).  We have been using the site HolyHeroes in religion, I encourage the students to continue using through lent.  All sites I have given are free sites.

Blessings and good health to you and your family as we move forward.

Mrs. Wirkus