5th Grade

Dear parents, 

I would like to thank you all for your understanding and support for our school as we look at ways to provide your children with the same quality of education St. Tim’s has always done, while looking for new ways to do that, to keep us all safe. 

Beginning March 17th, all St. Timothy’s students began a distance learning model. At this point, we do not know exactly how long we will be continuing this so we are preparing for the eventuality of an extended time period. As we do, I will continue to keep you informed of any additions or changes in the distance learning program for your 5th grader. 

At this point we are using Google tools, primarily Google mail and Google Classroom(GC), as our main point of contact. Your child knows how to get into their mail, and from there, using the ‘waffle’ looking icon at the top right, they can access our GC page – St. Tim’s 5th Grade. I will have assignments and links posted there, and they will submit most work through that page. In some cases, they may use Google Docs, etc. They have done this with me, and know how to ‘Share’ their work with me for submission. My intent is to include Google Meets, as well, so that we can talk as a class ‘face-to-face’, as well. Your child will be provided further instruction when that time comes. 

I hope this helps. If you have any questions after talking to your child, feel free to contact me at dkaeter@churchofsttimothy.org.


God’s blessings and protection, 

Denise Kaeter

5th Grade Teacher

St. Timothy’s School


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