Hello Parents and Students,

I hope all is well with you and that you are settling into a somewhat challenging schedule for this quarter of learning.

In my household, I have five adults using my internet to stream online courses from college and also streaming out lessons, by myself and my husband and of all things, Gymnastics! Nothing too fancy, but mainly stretch and strength to keep them limber and strong.

I wanted to let you know the plan for technology classes. Currently, any assignments that were posted were trial and error as we ventured into this online learning journey. Students will be given credit for completing these assignments and they will not lose credit if they were unable to complete them.  The student’s regular classroom teachers’ assignments have the students using technology on a consistent basis. In this way, the students are meeting technology standards for my class. I am, however, required to post and grade the students on activities for my class.

In a traditional school week, I see all students in K-8 grade, twice a week. During this e-Learning instructional time, I am expecting…

Students in grades 2-8, to complete one Tynker activity a week through Google Classroom. The student is expected to complete the activity by the due date which would be Thursday/ Friday of the same week the activity was posted.

If the students want to spend time keyboarding, it should only be practiced for 10 to 15 minutes a day. I am asking parents to use their discretion so that students are limited to their on-screen time for school.

For those students who are not able to complete the Tynker or Keyboarding activities, I have included a ‘Technology Check-in’ activity.  This will be a graded assignment in lieu of or along with the other assignments. Filling out the form should take under ten minutes, and I am hoping that if there are issues with technology, students will let me know on this form and I can help them connect in other ways. This Technology Check-in form will be assigned at the most 3 days during the week, but will not have a due date. It is simply to check-in with the students and provides a substitute activity for those students who cannot connect in another way. Nevertheless, for them to receive credit they need to complete the form.

The great thing about computers is that you do not have to finish an assignment in one sitting, but you can save the assignment and complete it later. Students are not limited to a specific time (ex: due by 8 am the next day) on my assignments, This should allow them to work around other people’s computer schedules.

Please know that if you have any questions or concerns that I am available to talk with you, a parent or a student via Google Meets, Zoom, Google voice or email. My online office hours are 9 am to 2 pm.

Thank you for your understanding and for being your child’s first and foremost teacher during this challenging time. We are in this thing together!

Respectfully yours,

Mrs. Julia Bullivant


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