Sycamore Login and Payment Instructions

We are excited to add the option of making online payments this year through Sycamore!  On Sycamore you can pay your tuition, fees, childcare, or deposit money into your lunch account or student activities account.  If you already have a TADS account set up to pay your tuition, you do not need to pay tuition through Sycamore.  Remember that with TADS, payments are automatic withdrawal, with Sycamore, you have to initiate each payment.  If you use TADS for tuition, you can still use Sycamore for other payments.  Paying online with Sycamore is a great option, and very easy to use once your payment method is set up.

You can access Sycamore by going to

*At this time, we are only able to accept Visa and Mastercard payments.