Middle School Uniform Changes

It has been requested for some time to change the middle school uniform to allow for a more mature identity in our 6th, 7th and 8th grades, while still aligning with our younger students’ uniform. We are excited to announce the uniform change beginning the 2022-2023 school year!

The new uniform will be khaki bottom and navy blue top for our middle school students.

Middle School Uniform:
❖ BOYS: Navy polo, khaki pants (no cargo), khaki shorts (no cargo, and weather permitting). Navy school sweatshirts can be worn. Sneakers may be worn.

❖ GIRLS: Navy polo (short or long sleeve) and khaki jumper, skirt or skort (2 pleats). Skirt/jumper should be twill or other sturdy fabric (like at Donald’s), not a knit fabric, as that tends to cling. Please make sure they are appropriate length.

Underneath the skirt/jumper girls can wear: navy leggings, white or navy tights, short or knee high white socks, or short or knee high navy socks. (During cold months, leggings or tights must be worn)  **If wearing socks, shorts must be worn underneath the skirt.  Navy sweater or navy school sweatshirt can be worn. Sneakers or dress shoes, but no dress boots.

All of these can be found through Amazon or other retailers such as Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Children’s Place, Land’s End, etc. Donald’s Uniforms also has options for the uniform skirt/skort.

See the link below for a more detailed description.


Please contact Mrs. Shelby with any questions or concerns.