Welcome to Saint Timothy’s School

Serving the communities of Maple Lake, Annandale, Clearwater, Monticello and surrounding areas.

The Presence of the Holy Spirit

Love and devotion to God, Church, family and community are fostered in students through religion classes, and weekly Mass. Students are called to participate in daily prayer, Eucharistic adoration and service to one another.

The Path to Knowledge

At St. Timothy’s School, students are just as committed to learning as their teachers are committed to enriching young minds. From music to social studies, technology to math, science to language arts, the syllabus is designed to ensure each student receives the individualized attention they need.

The St. Timothy’s Family

School and parish members continuously support each other in prayer, and are dedicated to help their community in good times and hardship. Whether students come to St. Timothy’s School from generations of alumni, or whether they themselves are the trailblazers, all are welcomed with open arms, open hearts, and warm Catholic spirit.