Seventh / Eighth Grade

7th and 8th Grade Notes:

We use Saxon Math Curriculum. We will be working with algebra, decimals, fractions, and geometry.

Our focus for this year will be Life Science. The highlight for the students will be our dissection unit that will be this Spring.

Over the course of two years we study the history of our country from the time of the Paleo-Indians to the present. In order to understand our world today, we must see how our history unfolded.

English/Literature :
A variety of activities that include accurately using our grammar, writing, public speaking, and reading short stories and novels rounds out this class.

Enrichment Classes:
These are the special classes that make our students well rounded individuals. These classes are each a quarter in length.

Study Skills:

Each student will discover the best way for them to be organized and prepared to do their very best this school year.

We will learn how to work together as a group to build Lego Robots. We will have the adventure of making these robots perform a task. We will work on primary programming language.

Science Fair:
The Scientific Method is used everyday in our daily lives. We are faced with problems that we have the capability to solve with a little planning and thought process. The Science Fair project helps our students to see this process in action. The find a problem that they have questions about, research, experiment, and find solutions to their questions. The fun part is being able to share their new knowledge with others.

Our focus this year for 7th Grade is the Figure of Christ. Our focus this year in 8th Grade is the History of the Church.

In 7th and 8th grade Choir we will continue learning basic music theory, sight-singing, and vocal technique. We will practice solfege, in which we sing set syllables for each tone of the musical scale. The method of solfege gives a mental difference between pitches, providing a vehicle to sing accurately and independently. The Choir will perform at both the Christmas and the Spring Program.