Students have exciting things to look forward to in this classroom! First and most important, this classroom, along with the entire school, is rooted in faith and alive in everything we do. We have a new math curriculum. With Saxon, our students will learn how to add, subtract, graph, keep data, and much more! We will also learn to read books this year!

We have a wonderful “playroom” where the students have the chance to discover new things on our new Mac Mini computers. They can develop that wonderful imagination with our workbench that doubles as a kitchen store, and restaurant. They can sit down at the easel and be creative with our endless supply of art materials, and they also have a great puppet stage to hold plays for their teacher and friends.

Kindergarten Notes:


In religion our kindergartener’s learn the basic building blocks of our faith. We also focus on appropriate social behavior. We have daily prayers throughout the day. We learn how to be followers of Jesus.


Our reading is broken up in two sections. Our students have a chance to work in small groups that are usually led by teacher/para. The students all work on the same concepts just in a smaller setting. This way we as teachers are able to meet each student’s need on an individual level. We also have whole group reading time. This is where we come together and apply the concepts we have learned to stories.


In handwriting we will learn how to write our uppercase and lowercase letters and our numbers. We will also have a chance to keep journals.


Our new McGraw Hill “My Math” Curriculum has many concepts that give our students a broad understanding of math. Each chapter begins with a real world understanding of the math concept and then each lesson is the concept broken down. Students will learn counting to 100, skip counting, composing and decomposing numbers (addition and subtraction to 10), geometry, positional words, and so much more!


In science we will learn about changes in weather, earth and sky, pushes and pulls, animals, senses, and the human body.

Social Studies:

In social studies we cover many subjects. A few include, family, friends, different traditions throughout the world, lifestyles of the past and present, presidents, patriotic symbols for our nation, government, and geography of our land.


Art is incorporated into all of the subjects. We get to create our very own works of art and display them for all to see!


In Kindergarten music we will have lots of fun through singing, movement, activities, and musical games. Through these activities Kindergarteners will be learning about pulse, fast and slow, rhythm patterns, high and low, and how to play basic music instruments.


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