As we at St. Timothy’s strive to educate the whole child, music is an important part of our curriculum. We teach fundamentals of music, including: singing, playing instruments, reading and notating music, and movement and dance. We also make cross-curriculum connections as we discuss music that we are studying.

Music allows many opportunities for formation in virtues such as patience, listening, self-control, and working together as a team. Music also gives our students the opportunity to connect with our cultural roots and those who have gone before us through learning patriotic and folk songs. Likewise, music enables our students to step into the richness of our Catholic faith tradition as we join our voices together in times of worship at Mass, Eucharistic adoration, and other times of prayer throughout the year.

Music has the ability to touch something within that words alone cannot; it opens the door for our students to be touched by beauty and to grow in their relationship with God.

Music Curriculum


What an exciting year of music these Kindergartners have in store for them. Throughout the year we will learn through singing, dancing, playing instruments, and musical games. Kindergartners will learn musical terminology and will begin to build their musical understanding by distinguishing between fast and slow, loud and soft, and high or low sounds. In addition we will begin working on moving to a steady beat, using our four voices, and playing basic musical instruments.

1st Grade: 

In first grade we will take all of our musical skills from Kindergarten and begin to move on to more advanced concepts including rhythm, melody, and performance. We will learn through singing, dancing, musical games, instruments, listening, and creating.

2nd Grade: 

In second grade we will take all of our previous knowledge and work toward a deeper understanding of concepts such as rhythm, singing in-tune, and maintaining a steady beat. Our learning will come from singing, listening, dancing, games, improvisation, and partner songs.

3rd Grade: 

Third grade will challenge students to use their knowledge and push them to go more in depth. Throughout the year students will sing, dance, play, compose, create, listen, and collaborate to reach their goals in the music classroom.

4th Grade:

In fourth grade, students will continue developing their musical skills from previous grades including instrument techniques, reading rhythms, and singing with solfege. They will also learn how to read Treble clef sign-staff-names of the lines and spaces as well as reading rhythms and notes at the same time. An exciting part of fourth grade music is learning how to play the recorder.

5th Grade:

This year we will continue building on all of our musical concepts from fourth grade including reading notes and rhythms on the treble clef staff. We will also work with counting and performing sixteenth notes and working with new time signatures.

5th Grade BAND: 

In fifth grade band we focus on learning to play a new instrument as well as improving our previous music knowledge of notes, rhythms, and key signatures. During the first half of the year, students will be split into two band groups based on their instruments: Woodwinds on Mondays and Brass/Percussion on Wednesdays. These smaller band rehearsals will allow more direct instruction with the beginning band students to help them better learn their instruments and music. After our winter concert, students will begin full band rehearsals on Mondays and Wednesdays. Additionally, students will have one small group lesson each week. Some of the concepts beginning band students will work on are: hand placement, posture, playing techniques, and scales.

6th Grade:

In sixth grade we work on singing choral music to help us focus on singing melodies and harmonies, vocal technique, learning how to follow multiple lines, dynamics, and interpretation. In addition, we will work on projects that require the students to think about music in a new way.

6th Grade BAND:

In sixth grade band, we continue to build on the skills we learned in fifth grade including note reading, rhythms, and playing techniques. This year we will also work on learning higher notes, more scales, counting and performing more challenging rhythms, dynamics, and articulations.

7th and 8th Grade:

In seventh and eighth grade, students will continue singing in the choral setting where they will work on exploring their voices, singing melodies and harmonies, and incorporating basic music theory. We will also work on some composition projects that will require the students to think about rhythm, rhyme scheme, pulse, and logical order.  7th & 8th graders also have the opportunity to continue on with Jr. High Band as well!


Fun in Music!