Second Grade

This is a life-changing year for 2nd graders as they prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. As the students refine and build their academic skills, they never lose sight of the strength and comfort to be found in the sacraments of the Church. This is the year when we get a solid hold on the English Language Arts & Math skills we were introduced to in first grade. As the teacher my goal is to instill a life-long love of learning to my 2nd graders by offering an exciting and challenging year.

Mrs. Tina Triplett

Second Grade Notes:


This is the special year. Second graders prepare for First Confession and First Communion. We also spend time learning about virtues that lead to good character.


This is our first year implementing McGraw-Hill’s My Math curriculum. It is a rigorous program which seeks to meet the needs of all learners. We also extend our math learning with small group rotations to support recent new concepts.

English Language Arts:

Within our Journeys curriculum we cover all aspects of learning the English language: reading, spelling, grammar, writing, and speaking. We also use Daily 5 and guided reading to support our learners. Handwriting is not forgotten as we continue to improve our printing, with the possibility of moving into early cursive writing.


Our goal is to rotate between science, social, and art on a weekly basis. This allows us to do deeper investigations and multi-day art projects. At times we do a theme week which incorporates all three subjects.

“Stay curious” is a theme of 2nd Grade science as we inquire, explore, and draw conclusions about the natural world around us. Science is often hands-on and also includes the use of technology.

Social studies standards are met in a variety of ways, including our Weekly Readers, literature, and cross-content connections.

During the 2019-2020 school year we are learning about Art Through the Ages, as well as creating holiday art projects. We explore basic art concepts while enjoying the use of a variety of art media.




Miss Shotts is our Music specialist. We enjoy this class twice a week..

Phy Ed:

Mr. Hall leads our gym class on Mondays and Wednesdays. We are paired with the 1st grade for the 2019-2020 school year.


Mrs. Bullivant instructs our technology class twice a week. 


Each Thursday we visit the library to check out books for our reading enjoyment.