Second Grade

This is a life-changing year for 2nd graders as they prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion. As the students refine and build their academic skills, they never lose sight of the strength and comfort to be found in the sacraments of the Church. This is the year when we get a solid hold on those Reading & Math skills we were introduced to in first grade. It also is the year for many special projects that give our 2nd graders an exciting and challenging year. Favorite projects include; demonstration speeches, writing a friendly letter, poetry recitations, writing limericks, a St. Joseph prayer service, science projects, research papers, and a religious play performed before the whole school.

Second Grade Notes:

This is the special year. Second graders prepare for First Confession and First Communion. Big year!

This is our first year of using the Saxon Math 2 curriculum, which means learning Math through everyday skills (time, calendar, temperature, graphing) as we start each school day with The Meeting. Also emphasis on fact practice, hands on experiences.

The emphasis is still on phonics this year, yet continued work and assessment on fluency and comprehension.

Every child receives a copy of all the Spelling lists for the school year.This gives the child the opportunity to practice the weekly list even before the pretest which is given each Monday. Unit tests are on Fridays. If it is a 3-day week Spelling tests are not given at all.

This is the year students are introduced to cursive writing. From September through December we work on fine-tuning our printing, and then in January the students begin learning to write their names and the alphabet in cursive letters.

Many fun writing projects this year; personal narrative, limericks, book reports, reading (and giving) a play, speech demonstrations, and most important of all, research reports.

The Science curriculum for second graders has a strong emphasis on inquiring, exploring and drawing conclusions about the natural world around us. Also, we have a Science table filled with interesting nature items, to enhance our lessons.

In Second Grade Music we will be singing, doing movement activities, and will continue playing music instruments. Second graders will learn and identify rhythms including eighth notes, half notes, rests, and more time signatures. They will develop instrument technique, practice singing basic solfege, and learn many other musical elements.