Why Choose St. Timothy’s?

The St. Timothy’s Family

Welcome to Saint Timothy’s School

We are delighted to share what is special about our school community. Our Catholic faith is the center of who we are and all we do.

Our focus is providing a nurturing environment where we can meet the individual needs of all of our students both academically and spiritually.

With small class sizes and dedicated teachers, we are able to provide a rigorous academic program where all students can succeed and grow to their highest ability.

Pledging Affordability

A Catholic education is the most important investment you will make in the life of your child. The time and money you invest now will have a lasting benefit and set a strong foundation built on faith and values.

We recognize that Catholic education can be daunting and seem impossible to attain, but St. Timothy’s School is committed to assisting families to provide a Catholic education for their children. With low tuition and financial aid and scholarships available, families find that an education at St. Timothy’s is affordable.

Enhancing Education through Technology

Technology is integrated into the classroom to improve learning and computer skills are taught in all grades. St. Timothy’s School has a computer lab and mobile laptop cart to bring computers into the classroom.

Students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 are provided with iPads as a learning and research tool, for textbooks, and to collaborate with others to foster growth and knowledge.

We are pleased to offer online tools to help you stay informed on the experiences, activities, and opportunities your child is experiencing in their classroom, as well as school news and updates.


You are Invited to Join us for our Kindergarten & Preschool Open House

Thursday, February 27, 2020

5-7 pm

(with Kindergarten Presentation at 6:00 pm)

Children are encouraged to attend with their parents.  Current and Interested families are invited to attend!


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