Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is a giant step into the world of Middle School where I-pads are introduced and used as an educational tool.  As teachers, we also help our students develop good organizational and study skills.  Our goal is to help each child find the method that best meets his/her needs.

As sixth graders our service project for the year is to help the cooks serve lunch.  We also are responsible for raising and lowering the flag.

An exciting activity in sixth grade is our week long trip to Deep Portage in the spring.  Many stimulating activities keep the students busy throughout this fantastic experience.

Middle School Notes:



We will be discovering algebra, decimals, fractions, geometry and much more.  We us McGraw-Hill curriculum to assist us in some of our learning.


The 6th and 8th grade students participate in a multiple day learning experience at Deep Portage Learning Center.  They learn survival skills, orienteering, teamwork and experience many more amazing learning opportunities.

In middle school, the students have a year that the focus is earth science, another year is life science, and another year is physical science.  A highlight from our earth science year is building a rocket. A highlight in life science is the dissection of a frog in the spring. A highlight from physical science is building a simple machine and a Newton scooter.


Over the course of two years in seventh and eighth grade we study the history of our country from the time of the explorers to World War II. In order to understand our world today, we must see how our history unfolded. Sixth grade uses the Northern Lights curriculum which is the study of Minnesota’s past, present, and future.

Language Arts :

Our language arts program consists of literature, grammar, spelling and vocabulary, and writing for grades sixth through eighth. 

Enrichment Classes:

These are the special classes that make our students well rounded individuals. These classes are each a quarter in length.  They range from topics of study skills, health, art, STEM projects, and family consumer sciences.


The sixth grade focus this year is the Old Testament. In seventh grade, the focus is the Figure of Christ. The eighth grade is studying the History of the Church.