Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is a giant step into the world of Middle School where I-pads are introduced and used as an educational tool.  As teachers, we also help our students develop good organizational and study skills.  Our goal is to help each child find the method that best meets his/her needs.

As sixth graders our service project for the year is to help the cooks serve lunch.  We also are responsible for raising and lowering the flag.

An exciting activity in sixth grade is our week long trip to Deep Portage in the spring.  Many stimulating activities keep the students busy throughout this fantastic experience.

Sixth Grade Notes:

Sixth grade reading is a combination of weekly Spelling tests, vocabulary enrichment, the reading of excerpts from novels, and working in Literature groups when reading novels.

Learning how to use our language accurately is an important part of this class.  This knowledge is then put to use when giving speeches, doing creative writing, and writing a research paper.

Social Studies:
Students will be learning in depth about our great state, Minnesota.  They will also be learning about ancient civilizations.  

We are discovering a new world of Math vocabulary as we use our new Saxon Math curriculum.  We focus on fractions, decimals, percents, number sense and number properties every day.

We will be discovering science through the world of Physics this year.  Matter, Simple Machines, Newton’s Laws and much more.

The students will participate in a Study Skill and Organizational Class, Art History, Science Fair, Writers Workshop, Economy, Speech, Health, and an Extended Stem Class.  Much to be discovered.

We will use the 6th grade Christ our Life  textbook to help the students deepen their understanding and love of their faith through the discovery of the Old Testament and all that God did to prepare the way for Jesus’ first coming.

Sixth grade music is choral music, so we focus on singing, vocal technique, learning basic music theory, and beginning sight-singing.  We practice solfege, in which we sing set syllables for each tone of the musical scale. This method of solfege gives a mental difference between pitches, providing a vehicle to sing accurately and independently.  The Choir will perform at both the Christmas and the Spring Program.